Allen Dentist, Dr. Mentesana, answers the question, "how do I know if I grind my teeth?"

Teeth grinding can be as destructive as tooth decay. Once the tooth structure is worn away, it will not come back and has to be restored synthetically. You may know you grind your teeth if you have symptoms. Symptoms of teeth grinding include, headaches, sore teeth, sore jaw muscles - especially in the morning, and even ear pain. Not everyone that grinds their teeth has symptoms, so when you have a dental check up, we also look for signs. Signs that you grind your teeth are cracks in the enamel, flat wear spots on the tops of the teeth that should normally be rounded, the growth of tori in the jawbone. Any or all of these symptoms or signs may be present, but if any one of the signs or symptoms are present it is better to be safe than sorry and prevent the other signs or symptoms from developing by wearing a night guard.

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