Allen Dentist, Dr. Mentesana answers the question, "how will I know if my child is going to need braces?"

How will I know if my child needs braces?

Many parents are concerned about if their child will need braces. This is a good questions. After all braces are a big investment. The best way to make sure, is by having your child go to the dentist for regular checkups so that their growth and development is monitored by a professional. That being said, there are some good guidelines to help you know when to ask if it hasn't been mentioned. The easiest thing to look for yourself is crowding. If the teeth are crooked because there is not enough room for them to come in, you may want to ask about it. Early intervention can be done to help with severe crowding. If the teeth have spaces between them early on. This is not a concern. The adult teeth are much larger than the baby teeth and will need the extra room to come in. The more serious orthodontic problems have to do with discrepancies between the size of the lower jaw in relationship to the upper jaw. These are called skeletal malocclusions. The opportunity to intervene with a skeletal malocclusion is before the major growth spurt. Although it varies, the major growth spurt in girls occurs at 11-13 years of age. In boys the growth spurt follows by about 2 years from 13 -15 years. You should have a consultation before this time.