Allen Dentist, Dr. Mentesana talks about sensitive teeth - what to do about it.

Sensitive teeth - what to 

Sensitive teeth

Sensitivity is a problem plaguing more and more people. My theory about why is because

  1. More people are using whitening agents 
  2. Awareness of gum disease has risen and more aggressive brushing is causing enamel wear at the gum-line 
  3. Acidic drinks such as sports drinks and sodas are breaking down enamel and causing increased enamel wear throughout the mouth
  4. Excessive enamel wear from grinding, possibly because of the high stress city lifestyle many people live with

The main theme is the loss of tooth enamel leaves the dentin a more sensitive layer of tooth to be exposed. Once it has happened the only treatment for it is sealing up the dentin with fluoride, or replacing the enamel with a filling if its at the gum-line, or crowning the tooth if the wear is occurring at the chewing surface of the tooth. As with all other dental problems, awareness at an early stage and prevention is the best. You can prevent sensitivity in the following ways:

  1. Sensitivity from whitening agents can be prevented by not not aggressively whitening your teeth, you can also follow teeth whitening with stannous fluoride treatment.
  2. Do not scrub your teeth at the gum-line, use an electric toothbrush thoroughly with out the back and forth scrubbing motion.
  3. Drink water, do not drink soda or energy drinks. Most canned drinks are not good for your teeth.
  4. If you have early signs of tooth wear, wear a night guard.