Allen Dentist, Dr. Mentesana answers the questions, "should I have my silver fillings replaced?"

Leaking silver filling

Many dentists do not place silver fillings any more, so if you have silver fillings in your mouth, it is highly likely that they have been there for many years. Although we call the fillings permanent fillings, this is a misnomer. If the fillings are over ten years old, you should have them looked at for signs of caries leakage. The margin, or the place where the filling meets the tooth, can let bacteria in over time and you can get a new cavity between your tooth and the silver filling. Signs that you may need a new filling include a grey halo around the tooth, a gap opening up between the tooth and the filling, a crack in the tooth, or a crack in the filling. If you have any of these, you should probably have your filling removed, the caries cleaned our and a new filling placed. 

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