Allen Dentist, Dr. Mentesana answers the questions, "what are the lumps of bone inside my jawbone?"

Torus from teeth grinding

Lumps of extra bone occur in some people inside their lower jawbone or in the roof of their mouth. For most purposes they are not a problem, but they can get raw or injured easily and can hurt, or they can make taking x rays very difficult for those that have them and  they must be removed before doing any kind of denture. The lumps of bone are called tori. They are a sure sign of teeth grinding. Stress is put on the system by clenching the teeth together or grinding them against each other. This flexes the bones. When the bones are put under stress and flex, they attempt to strengthen themselves at the point of stress and a tori forms. If you are clenching and grinding your teeth enough to form a tori, it is time to start wearing a night guard.

If you have lumps of bone like the ones talked about in this article and are not wearing a night guard at night, you may want to schedule an appointment to talk about getting a night guard.