Allen dentist, Dr. Mentesana answers the question, "why is my tooth throbbing?"

When your tooth has a heartbeat, something is usually seriously wrong. This is one of many dental emergencies in my book. At first it may be bearable, but do not let this pressure get out of hand. Usually a throbbing tooth, especially one that hurts bad enough to interrupt sleep should not be ignored. This pain is coming from the pressure buildup under the tooth caused by a tooth infection. If it hurts and you endure it, the pain could go away, but this is usually because the infection found its way out into the mouth and relieved this pressure through an abscess. A tooth can get infected for many reasons, including a root canal that could not be fully filled, a crack in the tooth, or the pulp inside the middle of the tooth has died off and become necrotic much like gangrene - yuck.  Depending on the reason for the infection, the tooth can either have a root canal, or be extracted and have an implant placed. 

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