Allen dentist, Dr. Mentesana answers the question, "why should I have a missing tooth replaced?"

There are five main reasons why a missing tooth should be replaced. The first reason will should become obvious to you immediately after having a tooth removed. You don't smile as big or you cover the area where the tooth is missing. You become self conscous about your smile. The second reason is when a tooth or teeth are missing the mouth does not function well as a until. At first you shift the food around so that it is not in the area of the missing tooth because the food does not get chewed as well in that area, then suddenly you don't even think about it and the teeth begin to get used unevenly, changing plaque and tartar levels in some areas, wear patterns and even the anatomy of the jaw joints. The third reason is that your food does not get the proper chewing, which is a very important phase in the digestion process. This makes the other processes have to do more work and can be taxing on your digestive system. The fourth reason is because teeth begin to shift around when you are missing a tooth because they are not stable when there are gaps between them. This shifting can also cause plaque and tartar to accumulate around the shifted teeth and once they shifted it is costly to return them to their normal position if you think you plan to replace the tooth in the future. The final reason is because the bone goes away when there is not a tooth in it making the ridge thinner. This makes it harder for you to have an implant placed in the future and more costly procedures like bone grafting must be done in order to replace the bone that is lost in order to place the implant


Consequences of Missing Teeth

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