dental insurance

All Smiles Dentistry accepts most insurance benefits.  Most meaning that if you have an HMO, you are assign to only on dental provider and must go to them in order to use dental benefits. Otherwise, when you have treatment completed, we will file your insurance claim for you and the insurance company will send the payment directly to our office to cover your dental expenses. We also would love to spend time with you helping you understand what dental coverage you have. 

in-house savings plan

No Insurance? Not a problem. We offer an affordable program for patients that do not have insurance.  You should not go without needed dental treatment and we want to help make it easy for you to get the treatment you need here. 


It is never a good idea to put off dental treatment that you need today. If the financial part of the puzzle is holding you back from getting the dental treatment that you need, we have financing options. The truth is that tooth problems worsen over time and if not treated today, it will continue to affect more and more of your tooth or teeth leaving you with less and often times more invasive and expensive options.  It is better to stop the problems now before they get worse and pay later.