So you want to find a new dentist in Allen, Texas, but you look online and find out that the list is overwhelming. How can you possibly pick?

Finding the best dentist for your family

With a little research I have put together the 8 things to consider when selecting a new dentist.

1) Does the dentist offer the Service that you are looking for?

It may be surprising, but not all dentists provide all dental services, for example, some dentists do not like performing a particular service and will refer that services out (this is common with root canals and tooth extractions.) Also, some services require additional training such as dental implants and Invisalign that not all dentists have acquired.  A list of services is sometimes found on the website. If you are not sure, it may be worth a phone call before you schedule to avoid having an office visit with a dentist that cannot help you.

All Smiles Dentistry provides the following services: examination, teeth cleaning, digital x rays, teeth whitening, tooth colored fillings, tooth crowns (or caps), bridges, Invisalign braces, dentures, root canals, tooth extractions, dental implants, and veneers 

2)What is the dentist’s reputation?

Now days you can check a dentist’s reputation online. With the many review sites online and you can see now what everyone else had to say about a dentist.

We suggest reading reviews in their entirety rather than relying solely on star rating. 

Here are a list of the Review sites that we are aware of containing reviews for All Smiles Dentistry:

Demand force, Google, Facebook, Yelp

3) What are the Dentist's Credentials

It may seem that you are comparing apples to apples when comparing dentists, after all there are a bunch of hoops to jump through before getting a doctor title of any kind, however, dentists differ greatly in how much training they have received and how much experience they have. A dentist that has owned his/her own practice for a number of years has much more experience that an associate that is fresh out of school. While this seems obvious, how are you going to know, this kind of information should be found in the “About" or "Meet the Staff" section of a website, or it may be highlighted on the homepage. It is definitely something to think about when finding a doctor of any kind.

All Smiles Dentistry's About Page

4) What is the dentist’s personality like?

Want to know more about a dentist’s personality before you even meet them? Check out their social media.  It is a great way to find out more about what the person is actually like. There are many personality types and you want to make sure that you are going to jive with the dentist that is going to be up in your personal space. Are they stuffy? Do they have kids? Do they have a sense of humor about life? Be honest, don’t you want to work with someone you feel you can talk to, ask them questions. Is there more to them than drilling and filling?

Here is a list of All Smiles Dentistry Social Media Sites:

All Smiles Dentistry Allen Facebook, Dr. Mentesana's Facebook, Instagram, Pintrist, Twitter

5) Does the dentist take your insurance?

Are you looking for a dentist that is in your insurance network? In other word’s “on the list.”

Let me guess, you have been told that the dentists on “the list” are insurance “approved” which leads you to believe they are somehow better. Let me tell you a secret, you are selecting a dentist that is contracted with the insurance company in hopes of gaining a benefit - referrals. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with this, but that is the only reason they are on the list. There is something I bet you also didn’t know -  You can choose a dentist that is not on the list and the dentist can still accept payment for the procedures that are done, but don’t have to follow contracted terms and agreements when designing your treatment options.

Here's the truth about dental insurance.

Insurance companies have created a complicated illusion of coverage in order to confuse people into depending on them for answers. You may not know this now, but once you try to use your dental insurance benefits, you will find out, that no matter how much dental work you need, there is a yearly cap on how much they will pay, and it's pretty low considering how much it costs to do good dentistry these days. Let's be honest, insurance companies would make more money if you did not use your coverage at all, yet, millions of people are conditioned into thinking that their insurance company somehow cares about finding them a good dentist.

So the questions is not, are you on the list, but will you accept payment from my insurance company.

A List of dental insurance companies from which All Smiles Dentistry accepts payment directly:

Ameritas PPO, Aetna PPO, Assurant Employee Benefits, BCBS PPO, Cigna PPO, Dearborn National PPO, Delta DPO, Delta PPO, Delta Premier, Guardian PPO, Humana PPO, Meritain Health PPO, MetLife PPO, Plumbers Local 100, Principal Life Insurance PPO, Reliance Standard PPO, TML Employee Benefits, United Concordia PPO, United Healthcare PPO.

6) Is the dentist affordable?

Fair enough, but there is a difference between affordable and low quality dentistry.  I have fixed a lot of low quality dentistry throughout the years and can assure you that the overall cost is much higher if not done correctly the first time. Not only in money, but sometimes in body parts. Think I’m exaggerating? Look here! These are patients that I fixed some poor quality dentistry for.

If affordability is a major concern, you are not alone, there is a company that helps finance the healthcare that you need now, so that it doesn’t turn into a major problem later. You can get pre approved for a line of credit online right now by clicking here .

And you know what? The filling that you do today, can save you from needing a root canal for 10 times the price tomorrow. That’s much more affordable!

7) Does the dentist make it easy to schedule?

Hopefully most providers are staying ahead and offering their clients easy accessibility to scheduling which can be accomplished online now, some may still have antiquated systems. Follow the link below for easy access to our online calendar for scheduling. Our office stays diligent in following up with clients as well to help you keep hectic schedules on track.

8) Does the dentist value your time by running on time?

You have 26 hours worth of things to do in a 24 hour day. Does this sound like you? It sounds like most people I know. Patients are sending emails and talking on the phone while waiting on the anesthesia to kick in. Your time is precious these days because you just don’t have enough of it.

We understand emergencies can happen at any dental office - but having a good game plan around scheduling and appropriate staff loads can help offset some of the chaos that sometimes can occur in the dental office.


9) Is the dentist located nearby?

While this is a factor for some, it is closer to the bottom of the list in Allen, because Allen just isn’t that big. We have made an effort to be centrally located in Allen by putting our

office right off of I75. Want to know how to get there?


All Smiles Dentistry

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