Digital X-rays


People often wonder if they need to have x-rays or if the x-rays are safe. Dental x-rays are needed to complete a thorough exam. Dentists cannot see inside of a tooth, inside of the jaw bone, or between the teeth without x-rays. Digital x-rays are safe and require a very minimal amount of radiation. 

Our x-ray machines are inspected by the Texas Department of State Health Services every 4 years with the most recent inspection being completed in February 2018.

Below is a link to a chart showing comparisons between different types of x-ray exposure sources

Common sources of radiation

Measured in Micro-sieverts


Benefits of Digital X-rays:

  • reveal small hidden areas of decay between teeth or below existing fillings and crowns, bone infections, gum disease, abscesses or cysts, developmental abnormalities and tumors that cannot be detected with only a visual exam
  • can be viewed instantly, manipulated to enhance contrast and detail, and electronically sent to specialists without loss of quality
  • sensors are more sensitive to x-radiation and require 50-80% less radiation than film