Dental Emergency

Finding yourself in a situation where your tooth is broken, you are having tooth pain, or you are experiencing gum swelling can be scary. We are here to help. Dr. Mentesana has served as the team dentist for the Allen American Hockey club since 2009 where she has seen more dental trauma than the average family dentist and is well equipped to help solve your dental emergency problems. If you are having a dental emergency ...


What you should do in a Dental Emergency Situation

First, Request an Appointment. In an emergency, it would be best to call. Although requests are answered quickly, phone calls are answered more quickly.

Dental Trauma

Dental Trauma

Dental Trauma

If the tooth has been knocked out, put it in a cup of milk and start heading to the office. You only have about 30 minutes, and this emergency will be worked into the schedule accordingly. If there are any cuts from trauma, it is helpful to clean the cuts with soap and water or an iodine solution if available, then apply ice and pressure until you reach the office.

Gum Swelling

When there is swelling and there is no history of trauma, infection is suspected. The teeth are specialized structures and when the tissue in the center of the tooth known as the pulp, necroses; or if a tooth has had a previous root canal; or a wisdom tooth is partially impacted, it can become a focus for infection. Tooth infection, especially when it causes swelling should be taken seriously. Immediate attention is recommended to prevent spreading through the tissues to critical areas such as the neck, or mid-face. Treatment and antibiotics are usually needed and self medication is not recommended.

teeth Pain

Dental pain is usually caused by one of two things: infection or inflammation. Infection usually causes a more dull pain and pain with pressure. Inflammation pain is sharper and is usually in response to some stimulus such as temperature changes in the mouth, or chewing and usually responds to anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil or Tylenol. If you are experiencing pain, please let us know when scheduling.

Filling fell out or crown fell off

If a filling or crown is broken or missing, even if there is no pain, you should request an appointment to be seen ASAP. When the teeth are missing pieces of their anatomy, food does not clear as it should and lodges between the teeth putting the area at higher risk for disease. If it is not possible to get an appointment on the same day, dental wax can be purchased to block the food from lodging in the voids. In the case of missing crowns, keep the crown if possible. It may be possible to re-cement crowns that have come loose.