Allen Dentist, Dr. Mentesana shares an Invisalign success story

Porcelain crowns and Invisalign


A 36 year old male from Wylie, Texas came into the dental office wanting to improve his smile. His teeth were crowded and two front teeth had large silver fillings in the back that had caused the teeth to turn dark. Options including crowns, Invisalign and teeth whitening were discussed. The teeth that were dark would need crowns to cover the corrosion that the silver fillings had caused to leach out into the teeth, whitening would not help. Invisalign was chosen to align the teeth as he did not want to wear braces. He wore Invisalign for 24 months returning to the office every 6 weeks to monitor progress. Once the teeth were aligned properly, the two dark front teeth were crowned helping to blend the teeth back into his smile. It's wonderful to see such a transition occur. I think you will agree that the difference is huge!