Smile transformation using Invisalign and all porcelain crowns

This young man had been treated many years ago for trauma to the mouth that caused his two front teeth to be broken.  The treatment that he had was out dated and not aesthetic.  Dental treatments have improved drastically affording people much more natural looking options.

The treatment that was done at the time of the accident was a porcelain to metal crown and a tooth colored filling. The space between the front teeth was filled in by making the crown and the filling wider.  

He wanted to improve his smile. The crown was not the right color and was too wide. The darkness at the gum-line was starting to show as his gums receded over time.  Using new treatments that are available today, that were not available when he broke his tooth, he can have the smile he wants.

First we whitened his teeth. This must be done first because we will match the new dental work to the newly whitened surrounding teeth. We replaced the porcelain to metal crown and large tooth colored filling with all porcelain crowns that were identical mirror image and made them ideal width. This left a gap between his front two teeth. Finally the gap was closed with Invisalign.