Allen Dentist, Dr. Mentesana shares a cosmetic dentistry success story

Cosmetic dentistry, porcelain crowns

29 year old male, Allen American hockey player, got hit in the mouth with a hockey stick and broke his front two teeth. He came into the dental office for evaluation. Both teeth had previously had root canals and bonding from a previous injury. It was decided to place porcelain crowns this time. The teeth were prepared for porcelain crowns, temporary crowns were made, and the shade was taken. He finished out the season. The crowns were placed, the shade matching perfectly - just like nothing ever happened!


Allen Dentist Shares a Teeth Whitening Success Story

Teeth Whitening Before and after

Teeth Whitening Before and after

16 Year old female wanted her teeth whitened after having her braces taken off. She also wanted the teeth re-contoured to make them shaped a little more square. Options of take home whitening and in-office whitening were discussed and the in-office teeth whitening was chosen for its ease and predictability. The teeth were re-contoured very subtly. Just after the teeth were contoured, they were whitened as follows. The procedure took just under an hour. First, a protective dam was applied to guard the gums from the concentrated whitening agent. Then the agent was applied to the teeth 4 times, each for 10 minutes. Instructions were given to report any sensitivity during the procedure. Once all four applications were finished, the dam was removed from the teeth and an application of fluoride to help with sensitivity was applied. Only minor sensitivity was reported and only within the first 24 hours. She loved her results!