Allen dentist, Dr. Mentesana talks about why you should secure your denture with mini-implants

Dentures can be challenging to wear. They slip around when you least expect it causing embarrassment and frustration. Did you know that small mini-implants can be used to anchor the dentures to our jaw bone allowing them to be snapped in place so that they don't move when you eat and talk. Having a dental implant also stops the process of bone loss, meaning that the denture will not get more loose over time. Also secure dentures makes chewing your food thoroughly easier, helping protect you from digestive problems from under-chewed foods. The procedure is simple and most denture wearers are great candidates for mini-implants. Mini-implants are very affordable. Being able to eat a steak without your denture moving is life changing. Schedule an appointment today to find out if mini-implants are the solution you have been looking for.

Allen dentist, Dr. Mentesana answers the question, "why does it hurt when I bite down on my tooth?"

Yikes, you bit into something and felt a pain shoot through your tooth. Now when you bite, it hurts every time. What happened? Simply put, your tooth is cracked. When you have a crack in your tooth, which can happen when you bite on something wrong, or you have something hard in your food that you bite down on just right, or you clench your teeth at night, all can can put stress on your tooth that can crack it. You could also have a large filling in a tooth that placed stressed from the inside and normal chewing forces can cause the crack. Any way it happens, the splitting of the tooth causes a shooting pain in the tooth. At any other time when you are not chewing on that tooth, there is not pain, but as soon as you put pressure in a way that is causing the crack to open up, it hurts. The only way to remedy this pain is to strengthen the tooth.  The tooth can be strengthened by crowning the tooth. A crown will strengthen the tooth by placing a protective layer over the tooth that will not allow the crack to spread under pressure. This stops the crack from getting worse. Occasionally, the crack is too far into the tooth that the only way to take away the pain is to do a root canal or if the crack extends below the bone level, it must be extracted

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Allen dentist, Dr. Mentesana answers the question, "why is my tooth throbbing?"

When your tooth has a heartbeat, something is usually seriously wrong. This is one of many dental emergencies in my book. At first it may be bearable, but do not let this pressure get out of hand. Usually a throbbing tooth, especially one that hurts bad enough to interrupt sleep should not be ignored. This pain is coming from the pressure buildup under the tooth caused by a tooth infection. If it hurts and you endure it, the pain could go away, but this is usually because the infection found its way out into the mouth and relieved this pressure through an abscess. A tooth can get infected for many reasons, including a root canal that could not be fully filled, a crack in the tooth, or the pulp inside the middle of the tooth has died off and become necrotic much like gangrene - yuck.  Depending on the reason for the infection, the tooth can either have a root canal, or be extracted and have an implant placed. 

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