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85-90% of the population will grind their teeth at night. Teeth Clenching and grinding can do major damage to the teeth. The teeth can be protected from this wear by wearing a night guard. It is better to prevent the wear before it is too late.

Night Guards for Teeth Grinding in Allen

Dental Allen, TX All Smiles Dentistry Teeth Grinding

40 million Americans grind their teeth at night. Teeth grinding in Allen can lead to painful problems including teeth fractures, cracked teeth, and changes in your jaws and chewing muscles. The worst part is that you can be a teeth grinder and not even know it.

When you grind your teeth in your sleep you exert as much as 200 pounds of pressure per square inch. That is 10 times as much pressure as the teeth are designed to endure during chewing. This pressure can crack and fracture teeth and eventually wear them down to nubs. If grinding goes on this long you may need root canals, crowns implants, or dentures.

Grinding day after day can cause changes in your jaw muscles creating a more square masculine jawline. It can also cause permanent damage to your jaw joints.

Although there is no way to make yourself stop grinding your teeth, there is a way to protect your teeth and jaws from the effects. Wearing an acrylic custom made night guard will serve as a shock absorbed allowing the forces to be transmitted to the guard, sparing your teeth from certain destruction.