Oral Surgery in Allen, TX

In need of oral surgery? While our approach to dentistry is built on the prevention of disease and decay, minor surgical procedures involving the teeth, gums, and jaw bone may be needed to preserve or enhance long-term oral health. If oral surgery is the best step to restoring your healthy smile, Dr. Mentesana and her team will take every step needed to ensure your safety and comfort!

All Smiles Dentistry offers the top oral surgeons near Allen, TX and beyond, because she uses the best resources available to deliver exceptional care! With advanced imaging technologies, state-of-the-art dental tools, and customized treatment plans, our oral surgeries are designed to provide the healthiest possible results.

Sedation Dentistry for Oral Surgeries

Our local Allen, TX dental office provides a long list of oral surgeries and dental treatments under one roof. To achieve this, we offer safe, advanced sedation dentistry services for our patients who experience dental anxiety, have special healthcare needs, or who may be undergoing a lengthy procedure.

Sedation dentistry services are always customized to provide the safest outcomes. Our team will take time during your surgical consultation to assess your health history and determine the safest, most effective sedation level for your needs.

Dental Implants

Are you missing one or more teeth? All Smiles Dentistry has restored countless smiles with the power of permanent dental implants!

Dental implants are known to be natural-looking and long-lasting. They work by expertly placing titanium posts into the jawbone, creating space for luminous porcelain crowns to then be attached. The results bring you as close to a new set of natural teeth as possible!

Because dental implants look, feel, and function just like natural teeth, without requiring any dietary restrictions, patients often prefer them to alternative tooth replacement options.

Tooth Extractions & Preservation

While our team is focused on helping each patient maintain their healthy teeth for a lifetime, we understand that sometimes the healthiest option is for damaged teeth to be removed. Wisdom teeth, extra teeth, very crowded teeth, or severely damaged teeth may present situations that may require a gentle, non-invasive tooth extraction.

At your surgical consultation, our team will discuss your unique needs and health history to determine the best treatment route for your needs.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Also known as the third set of molars, wisdom teeth appear in the very back of the mouth and are typically removed in the late teens and early twenties. While a few patients may have enough space for their third molars to safely move into place, most patients will experience pain, orthodontic problems, and even infections if their wisdom teeth are not removed.

At All Smiles Dentistry, we work with wisdom tooth removal specialist, Dr. Brian Moore. He is knowledgeable on all types of cases, from simple extractions to full bony wisdom tooth removal. He administers IV sedation for the patients who need it!

Caring Oral Surgeons in Allen, TX

If you're in need of oral surgery, call All Smiles Dentistry today to schedule your surgical consultation!

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