Preventive Care & Dental Cleanings in Allen, TX

Dr. Catherine Mentesana, your local Allen, TX dentist, provides a long list of cosmetic and restorative dental services, but at the heart of our approach to dental care is a commitment to keeping our patients' smiles healthy through quality prevention.

Dr. Mentesana taking x-rays for a patient before a dental cleaningAll Smiles Dentistry offers the very best preventive care and dental cleanings near Allen, TX and beyond, because we provide state-of-the-art treatments designed to help patients achieve a lifetime of healthy smiles! From our exams to our customized treatment planning and beyond, we do everything we can to keep our patients' smiles healthy!

We offer the following preventive care services:

Professional Teeth Cleanings (Prophylaxis)

Visiting your dentist for a professional cleaning at least twice a year is an easy way to preserve your smile and oral health. At All Smiles Dentistry, Dr. Catherine Mentesana and her team provide ultra-thorough dental cleanings to help our patients reduce the risk of developing potentially serious oral health issues like tooth decay and gum disease.  For every preventive exam and cleaning, our team uses the latest dental tools to provide comfortable, efficient care. Your dental cleaning will typically last 45 minutes or less.

Each preventive appointment will begin with a thorough exam to assess the health of your gums, cheeks, teeth, and tongue. We'll then take a set of comfortable x-rays to further assess the jaw, tooth roots, and structures of the mouth. State-of-the-art digital x-rays help our team at All Smiles Dentistry diagnose potentially serious oral health problems that aren’t often visible during a traditional oral exam. Afterward, our dentist will perform a gentle teeth cleaning to remove hard-to-reach plaque from the smile, before polishing to address unwanted stains and discoloration. In some instances, we may recommend an additional mineralizing treatment to help strengthen the teeth even further.

Nightguards For TMJ Pain

Do you grind your teeth (bruxism) while you sleep? This condition can lead to headaches, TMJ, and uneven tooth wear. Dr. Mentesana offers custom-crafted night guards to help correct the habit and preserve your teeth. Our special orthodontics offer patients relief from bite function problems and painful headaches!

Mouthguards For Athletics

athletic mouthguard offered by All Smiles DentistryIf you are involved in any type of sport, smile protection is critical! One of your best pieces of insurance is a simple, custom-fitted athletic mouthguard. Our mouthguards are customized to each and every patient, providing superior protection of the teeth - and even further protection against concussions.

Desensitizing Treatments For Sensitive Teeth

If you are sensitive to heat and cold, and you avoid certain foods or drinks because of this, our team has a solution for you! After ruling out any serious causes, Dr. Mentesana will apply a special paste designed to keep the sensitivity at bay for months!

Top Preventive Care & Dental Cleanings In Allen, TX

No matter how long it's been since your last dental appointment, the team at All Smiles Dentistry is here to welcome you with gentle, effective preventive treatments. Our teeth cleanings are designed to keep your smile healthy for life!

Call us today to schedule your dental cleaning or preventive care appointment. Se habla español!

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