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DR. Catherine Mentesana, DENTIST Allen, TX

When I was in school to become a dentist I had a family friend ask me, “So, what are you going to do after graduation?” I stood there with a blank stare, thinking to myself, duh, dentistry, of course. But that wasn’t the question he was asking me. Would I work as an associate for a corporation, would I buy a practice, or would I open my own practice from the start, and where would it be? At the time, we lived in Allen. My husband and I had a daughter and one on the way. I was accumulating student debt, like most educated Americans and I came to the realization that this was a question I was going to have to come up with an answer to QUICK! I decided that I did not want to work for a corporation. Although, that would have been the easiest choice, corporate healthcare kind of scares me. I did not want to be working in a world where monetary goals were the driving force behind what I was doing. I have never thought that was a good idea when it comes to health. I have heard too many stories about people feeling like they were treated like a number or being treated poorly and I did not want any part of that. So, I LOVED ALLEN and really wanted to raise my daughters here. There were no practices for sale anywhere in this area. There were only 6 other dentists in the city at the time, so I decided to start my own practice. That was a BIG decision, because like I said, I was already up to my knees in student loan debt.

Once I told James, my husband, he supported the decision and would do whatever, and I mean WHATEVER, was needed to help out. So, in my senior year of dental school, we began the construction process on faith alone, because I did not yet have a dental license in hand yet. Once I graduated, we were almost ready to open with just a few finishing touches and I was waiting on that license to come in the mail. We were able to open our doors on June 6, 2001! James quit his job with Ross Perot and was my jack of all trades. He was a front office, dental assistant, technology support, and marketing assistant. We were doing it, sink or swim. What a scary, wonderful feeling.

Allen was a growing community, and we were having new patients every day. I worked part-time a couple of days a week for one of my dental school professors at first until we gained some momentum, but that didn’t last long. We got involved with the Rotary club where we connected with many of Allen’s leadership at the time. I still remember an old friend, and mentor in the lunch line tell me, you are probably the age of my daughter. I felt young, I was young, 25.

When the kids were little we would go to their kindergarten class and teach their classmates about teeth. I always wondered what it was like growing up the child of a dentist. One time when my youngest went to a sleepover, she forgot her toothbrush. I made sure that never happened again. I explained to her how embarrassing it is when your mother is a dentist to forget to brush your teeth. Aside from my crazy dentist mom moments, we had lots of fun! They got to ride in the Allen Christmas parade where we were sponsors among other things when they were little.

Dentist Allen, TX Catherine Mentesana At Hockey
Dentist Allen, TX All Smiles Dentistry Stitching Up Hockey Players

As we grew up as a family, our interests changed, and an opportunity that would involve all of us came up when we were asked to be on the medical team for the Allen Americans Hockey Team. Our family loved hockey. When our youngest was 4 years old we would all go to hockey games and she would fall asleep in the stands and say, “wake me up if there’s a fight.” We did this for 7 years, stitching players back together. One night, we had a whole slew of friends at Allen Event Center for Shriner’s night and James got hit in the chin with a stray puck. I had to take him to the office to stitch him up.

That was a long time ago. Since then, our daughters have grown up and graduated from Allen High School. Our oldest daughter married her high school sweetheart. James wore sunglasses to hide the tears. Our youngest has graduated from Allen High School and moved off to college too. It’s weird, this empty nest thing I used to always hear about. These days we love to support our local police department. Without them, Allen might not be the safe, wonderful place it is to raise families like mine. We also like to do everything we can to help out the VFW, because, without the service of those fine men and women, our country might not be the wonderful place that we can still aspire to own our own business and live out this story. Those were some good memories. Thank you Allen for being such a wonderful place to call home.

I grew up in Mesquite, Texas where I graduated from Poteet High School. I went on to go to college at the University of Texas Arlington. I got a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology. While I was in college, I worked in a hospital transporting patients on the weekends, I also worked as a nanny after class. On a good week, I put in 40 hours of work while I was in school. I was also in the Medical Dental Preparatory Association and in Tri Delta women’s sorority. That was back when I was full of energy, before 2 kids and a small business. After college, I attended Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, which is now a part of the Texas A and M University system. At the conclusion of my first year of dental school, right after I took my last final, we had our first daughter, Courtney. Perfect timing! It was during my last year of school over winter break that we had our youngest daughter, Jamie. Again, perfect timing! Dental school was a wonderful experience, and dental school being pregnant was even better. I had to wear a gas mask during gross anatomy to protect Courtney from the formaldehyde fumes.

After school, learning does not stop. The first certification that I achieved was Invisalign training. Back then Invisalign was the epitome of new-age dentistry. That training took place in 2003. I have been providing Invisalign treatment since. After I perfected Invisalign treatment I decided to learn to placed dental implants. There is a grave need for teeth replacements in our aging population and implants are the best way to treat tooth loss. I did training in 2006 and in 2009 received my Fellowship with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Soon after I became certified through Allergan to do Botox treatments for TMD. My latest accomplishments have been in orthodontics where I have become proficient at braces using the FASTBRACES system. This is a revolutionary system invented by Plano Dentist, Dr. Viazi. Thanks to him, you can now get your braces off in 6 months instead of 2 years. Who knew. Outside of gaining these certifications, I have a passion for learning. I am always updating my knowledge base regularly with continuing education. I have done continuing education in Cosmetic Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, Root Canal Therapy, Sleep Apnea, and Orthodontics.

For most of my life now, practicing and learning new things about dentistry has been my main interest and hobby. When I am not doing dentistry, I love spending time with James, and if the girls are in town, I love spending time with them too. I also love to be at the lake, in the sun with my friends, or curled up on the couch reading a good book.