What is Laser Teeth Whitening?

Laser whitening sounds like something out of Star Wars. The name probably comes from the light that was once thought to speed the whitening process. Laser whitening is just a buzz word for teeth whitening done in the dental office while you wait. Another Buzz word that was associated with this type of whitening is a product name called Zoom! This is just one of the many brands of the same product that had hefty marketing dollars behind it. When you have this type of teeth whitening done, a protective coating is applied to your gums because the whitening agent is strong and can injure the gum tissue or give it a chemical burn. The same coating is used to protect the root surface. Once everything is properly protected, the whitening agent is applied and allowed to set on the teeth for approximately 10 minutes. This is repeated 3 times. There is no guarantee of results with laser whitening. It can be repeated after a period of time, or done along side take home whitening trays. The main consideration when doing repeated whitening is sensitivity. If the teeth are sensitive more time between applications or fluoride treatments should be used.