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Welcome to All Smiles Dentistry. We do our best to inspire our patients to a new level of dental health. We want everyone to be happy, healthy, successful, inspired people, and to be the best version of themselves. When you have pain from deteriorating teeth and gums, that can really create an obstacle to achieving this kind of life for yourself. We believe that everyone deserves the best level of dental health and can achieve this. Our approach to communication and care in dentistry has always been, “is this what I would do for myself or my loved ones?” Our Allen dentist hopes to achieve a level of clarity, trust, and understanding in all of our relationships and create an environment where our dental patients can be very open about their concerns and their needs so they can be fully met.

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With regular dental treatment, your teeth can last a lifetime. You can expect your gums to look healthier and be less tender. Your teeth will look brighter and less stained. Your teeth can be straightened using braces or Invisalign. The instance of tooth pain-causing dental emergency is less because you have a trusted dental professional monitoring your health. Missing teeth can and should be replaced with dental implants for better function and aesthetics. Dental treatment is beneficial for everyone. Living your whole life with healthy teeth is within your reach.

Common misconceptions that people have about dentistry in Allen, TX, is that it is painful and expensive. People are also many times worried about being judged because they have been judged before at a previous dentist. Achieving dental health does not have to feel painful or expensive, and we never judge because the more disease that a patient has, the more difference we can make in their lives and that is rewarding.

One thing everyone should know about teeth is ‘what you don’t know will eventually start hurting you’, and when it hurts it can seem expensive. It is best to be examined regularly so problems can be noticed at the earliest beginning stages and stopped before they get worse. Once a tooth starts to decay, you can no longer just brush and floss better. The decay has to be removed or it will get bigger and can eventually overcome your entire tooth.


If you do not have a dentist, you should. You should be seen at least twice a year in order to enjoy dental health throughout your life. The first step is making an appointment. You can make an appointment with us in three ways. You can call or text the office phone number (972) 747-1996, or you can request an appointment on the website. We look forward to hearing from you. You will not regret the decision to take control of your dental health. Knowledge is power.

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Our beautiful dental office is equipped with all the latest modern dentistry has to offer. The waiting room is designed to feel like a cozy living room, while the treatment rooms are designed in the calming colors of a spa. Our x-ray room has a colorful mural painted by an Allen High School student.

The thing that makes us different than other dental practices in the sense of family that we have with our staff and our patients. The office is owned by the dentist, not a corporation, and the work she does, the staff, and the patients are her life’s passion. You just can’t get better care than that. You can feel the difference, it just gives you a good feeling, a feeling like someone cares like you're really being taken care of.


We operate by using a specific standard of care for all of our patients called the “healthy mouth protocol.” It is our goal to help you understand it and achieve it. With you as a part of the dental team, you will be more successful at achieving your dental goals.







Dr. Mentesana has successes in treating patients' whole mouths. She excels at educating patients in a way that inspires them to do better at prevention. She helps put problems in perspective, prioritizing them in order to make treatment easy and affordable. She treats deteriorating teeth, cracked, broken teeth, restoring them to a natural-looking beauty with tooth-colored fillings, and crowns. She even places dental implants and bridges in order to replace missing teeth. She has the ability to straighten out crooked teeth in record time with a relatively new technology that she is involved with called Fastbraces that can cut the time in braces in half.


You deserve a dental team you can trust and a radiant smile you can proudly display. From teeth whitening to dental implants to Invisalign clear braces, we offer patients comprehensive dental care. This means we attend to the details, find the underlying causes of problems, and then deliver lasting solutions.

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Did you know that regular dental checkups not only save your teeth from deteriorating because of undiscovered dental disease, they can also save you quite a bit of money by catching problems earlier when they require less treatment?

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Teeth cleaning helps to prevent gum disease. The modern diet lends to tooth decay and gum disease and even with the best brushing tools, plaque gets left behind to turn into tartar and needs to be cleaned off regularly by a professional dental hygienist.

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When a tooth gets decay, the decay will rot the whole tooth if it is not removed. We use tooth-colored filling so when you leave the dentist, you can hardly tell you had anything done. Watch our tooth filling video to see how a tooth is filled.

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When a tooth is cracked or broken it needs a crown to strengthen it. We do natural-looking tooth-colored crowns. No more need to worry about having a crown that doesn’t match or is dark at the gum line, you can’t tell you to have a crown with modern dentistry.

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Porcelain veneers can transform your smile into a winning smile that you can be proud to show off. With porcelain veneers, you can have white, straight teeth, free of chips, cracks, and discolorations.

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Did you know that you can have your teeth straightened without wearing braces? Clear aligners can be used to straighten your teeth surprisingly quickly. Minor changes can be seen in as little as 10 weeks!

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We do braces fast! The new technology moves the teeth in 3 dimensions rotating, tipping, and translating crooked teeth into place from the start in a fluid movement. This type of orthodontics works faster with less injury to the tooth roots. Treatments are as short as 6 months.

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When your tooth hurts because it is inflamed or infected, a root canal can solve your problem. We use a root canal treatment system that is quick and effective. Most root canals are completed on the first visit in about an hour.

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Sometimes you just have to pull the tooth. When this is the case, we do extractions too.

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If you have to have a tooth removed, or you have missing teeth already, dental implants can replace an entire missing tooth.

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