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Our dental team is ready to help you, take great care of your smile. We spend time to get to know you as a person; what your fears are and what your goals are - you are more than just another set of teeth to us. Whether you were previously afraid to go to the dentist and completely let your smile go, or you have pretty healthy teeth but have always wanted to straighten them. If we can make a positive change in your life, that puts a smile on our face.

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We want you to see and get to know the the same dentist and hygienist at each visit. The dentist is doing your entire dental procedure, not a dental assistant. Each of our staff members is packed full of personality, experience and passion about what we do. We are more like a family, than a business. For Profiles on our staff members read about Our Story.

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Our beautiful dental office is equipped with all the latest modern dentistry has to offer. The waiting room is designed to feel like a cozy living room, while the treatment rooms are designed in the calming colors of a spa. Our x ray room has a colorful mural painted by an Allen High School student.

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in-house dental savings plan

If you don’t have dental insurance, this plan is a benefit to you. For the regular cost of one teeth cleaning, exam and x rays, you get your second teeth cleaning exam and x rays for the year as well as a hefty discount on all of our services. You can’t loose with this plan and no one else in the area offers one.

dental Insurance

We accept and file any PPO dental insurance. Our front office staff will happily take your information and verify your benefit and let you know how we can help you.

payment plans

Where dental insurance leaves off, we have options to help you get the treatment you need today, before it gets worse and more expensive.


preventive, conservative, gentle

We operate by using a specific standard of care for all of our patients called the “healthy mouth protocol.” It is our goal to help you understand it and achieve it. With you as a part of the dental team, you will be more successful at achieving your dental goals.

A Healthy mouth is Free of Gum disease

Did you know that gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, and it is contagious. The bacteria associated with gum disease has been linked to many other health problems. We want to help you prevent gum disease or get rid of it if you have it.

A healthy mouth is Free of tooth decay

Did you know that tooth decay is the most prevalent disease on the planet and it is also contagious. You don’t have to have any pain in order to have it. We want to help you prevent tooth decay or treat it at it’s earliest stage. Take a look at our images of what’s inside a tooth cavity.

A healthy mouth is Free of dental abscesses

Did you know that you could have an abscess under an old root canal or decaying tooth and have no pain? Abscesses are very unhealthy and may silently contribute to other health problems.

A healthy mouth Has straight teeth

Did you know that aside from the cosmetic benefits, straight teeth are also healthier? When the teeth are aligned, your oral hygiene routine is more effective leading to less tooth decay and gum disease throughout your lifetime. The teeth also wear more evenly leading to less cracked and chipped teeth that eventually need crowns. It also reduces the instance of teeth grinding and TMJ problems.

A healthy mouth Is protected from teeth grinding

Did you know that teeth grinding can be more destructive than tooth decay? When you grind your teeth, you abrade your teeth from the top down and can wear the entire top layer of enamel off before you even know your doing it.

benefits to dental treatment

With regular dental treatment, your teeth can last a lifetime. You can expect your gums to look healthier and be less tender. Your teeth will look brighter and less stained. Your teeth can be straightened using braces or Invisalign. The instance of tooth pain causing dental emergency is less because you have a trusted dental professional monitoring your health. Missing teeth can and should be replaced with dental implants for better function and aesthetic. Dental treatment is beneficial for everyone. Living your whole lifetime with healthy teeth is within your reach.



Did you know that regular dental checkups not only save your teeth from deteriorating because of undiscovered dental disease, they can also save you quite a bit of money by catching problems earlier when they require less treatment.


Teeth cleaning helps to prevent gum disease. The modern diet lends to tooth decay and gum disease and even with the best brushing tools, plaque gets left behind to turn into tartar and needs to be cleaned off regularly by a professional dental hygienist.


When a tooth gets decay, the decay will rot the whole tooth if it is not removed and the tooth filled. We use tooth colored filling so when you leave the dentist, you can hardly tell you had anything done. Watch our tooth filling video to see how a tooth is filled.


When a tooth is cracked, or broken it needs a crown to strengthen it. We do natural looking tooth colored crowns. No more need to worry about having a crown that doesn’t match or is dark at the gum line, you can’t tell you have a crown with modern dentistry.

porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers can transform your smile into a winning smile that you can be proud to show off. With porcelain veneers you can have white, straight teeth free of chips, cracks and discolorations.


Did you know that you can have your teeth straightened without wearing braces? Clear aligners can be used to straighten your teeth surprisingly quickly. Minor changes can be seen in as little as 10 weeks!


We do teeth braces fast! New technology that moves the teeth in 3 dimensions rotating, tipping and translating crooked teeth into place from the start in a fluid movement. This type of orthodontics works faster with less injury to the tooth roots. Treatments are as short as 6 months.


When your tooth hurts, because it is inflamed or infected, a root canal can solve your problem. We use a root canal treatment system that is quick and effective. Most root canals are completed on the first visit in about an hour.


Sometimes you just have to pull the tooth. When this is the case, we do extractions too.


If you have to have a tooth removed, or you have missing teeth already, dental implants can replace an entire missing tooth.

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