Best service and best people, period, end of story!
— Wendyl F
Best dentist with the best staff in Allen!
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I bet you want to know what makes us different from all the other dentists in town. That’s understandable. I can’t speak for the other dentists, but I can tell you what we think is important and what we are proud of, then you can decide if we are what you are looking for. Let’s go!

Top 10 things that set All Smiles Dentistry apart

  1. We are not corporate!! You might not realize how important this one is, but think about this. Corporate dental chains have a goal of how much dental treatment they need to diagnose and treat each day, before you even walk in the door … let that sink in.

  2. We don’t run our dental clinic like a cattle call. The dentist and hygienist are only scheduled to see one patient at a time for treatments, teaching you what you need to do to take great care of your teeth so you can stay out of the dental chair and time for you ask questions. We don’t rush things and we don’t want you to have to wait.

  3. We don’t want you to feel like a number. We know all of our patients by name! Getting to know you is important to us. It makes our work and hopefully your visits more enjoyable.

  4. You won’t see a different dentist, hygienist or assistant every time you go in. We think that the best dental care is when there is continuity of care. This can’t happen if you are always with someone new.

  5. It is very unlikely that you will need to be referred. I have been a dentist in Allen for almost 20 years. I have experience in a wide range of dental treatments and I rarely have to refer. I find once patients are comfortable with me, they simply don’t want to go anywhere else.

  6. We spend a lot of extra time letting you know what we are doing every step of the way. Why do we go to the trouble? We want you to be at ease. Sometimes people are uneasy about dental treatment because they have a fear of the unknown and it makes them uneasy. Patients tell us all the time that no other dentist has gone to such trouble to make them feel comfortable.

  7. I give away the laughing gas! - OK, so maybe this one should have been number one. I do this because it helps people relax and when your relaxed, it makes my job a lot easier.

  8. Get ready to learn ALOT if you come here!! We take pictures of everything. I want you to be able to see what we see for yourself. After all, it is your teeth!! And a picture is worth a thousand words.

  9. Your dental treatment will look natural - we use the best materials and techniques to make sure that your teeth are strong enough to hold up to the forces in your mouth and they look awesome!

  10. Last but definitely not least, my biggest goal is actually to teach you what you need to know to help keep you out of the dental chair. What dentist does this? It’s not unusual for a patient to make a drastic change in a short time by listening to our recommendations and becoming motivated. We don’t think that the tricks of the trade are something we should keep secret. It’s kind of weird to me but people always way, “no one every showed me how to take care of my teeth like you did before.”

    I hope these 10 things are something that you value as much as we do! If so, it seems like we are a good match! I would like to personally invite you to click on the request booking online button. I look forward to meeting you!


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I love you guys...You are awesome. I feel very taken care of. Nothing to worry family.

I know you are watching out for me.
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